As we set up dates during the calendar year often departments that want to participate in the S.T.A.R. Method course can get shut out due to scheduling problems or other variables. We think this is very unfortunate. Basically this is what happens. I'm based in Alabama so when you look on the course dates page at what we have set up alot of times there was 2 to 3 months that went into getting people to those classes. Because we do several states and are adding more every year we can't always come back to the same area to do one of these classes that, for example an academy would host. Alot of times when we are in town a department may be shorthanded, have personnel issues,  or scheduling issues such as state mandated training offered at the same time. When that happens alot of times our training isn't offered in that area for another calendar year. A year is a long time to go without the proper defensive tactics training. The training we offer not only addresses concerns of violence against your officers, but also use of force issues. We even give advice on how to articulate reports. When you see issues of so-called police brutality on the news those officers most likely didn't have the right training, if any at all. Proper training can remove the fear of litigation from the equation so officers can safely do their job and protect themselves. We have sat down and thought about it and come up with a solution to these scheduling problems so that every department can get access to the training it needs for it's officers.

What we've done is come up with a bulk price at a reduced rate that is very affordable for a single department. It's actually easier for us because we don't have to use all those man hours to fill a class and it helps the departments because we can do the training on their schedule virtually any time of year. For 20 to 40 officers depending on lodging and travel we could possibly do that training as low as $2000.00. Now that isn't for a single class because you have shifts to work through. We are talking about doing roughly 3 classes  so you can work through shifts and other things. That way we can get everyone trained. To put that in perspective the normal price for a S.T.A.R. Method certification is $150 per officer. That would be $6000.00 for 40 officers! We can do better than that. With this pricing structure your department could get up to $4000.00 off the actual regular price. We also realize alot of departments are much smaller than 20 officers. Well sending more than 1 invoice isn't that big of a deal. In the past we've had several smaller departments go in together for this class and save even more money on their budget. We've seen things on the internet where officers can get online training in defensive tactics through some website. Well that is probably great to cover a legal department's butt, however it's very flawed in application. What we are talking about is in-person, on site hands on training right at your department. If you don't fit into 20 to 40 officers we can still give you a good deal and work with you to make arrangements to get you that training. If you want to talk with me about this training you can call anytime day or night at 256-431-6403. I look forward to working with you
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