The Defender Personal Defense Weapon System

  This is the Training course for the defender weapon. There's so much I can say about this weapon and it's versatility and never have enough room to say it all. It's simply best best fist load weapon out there period. Before I tell you about the course i want to talk a little more about this incredible self defense weapon. This weapon has designs like the guppy that are great for security companies because it will give them a pain compliance tool that fits with their use of force polices.I want to put this on the table for you. I go to alot of facilities and I see the security there. Sure some are some big guys that could toss someone in a second. However, I also see alot of older people and alot of petite women working in these high security areas that would probably need backup if something really went down. Having been in the areas myself i know full well that most security officers don't actually have the training they need to do the job the way they want to do it. I hear the same complaint all the time. They know what needs to be done but companies and government agencies are so scared of liability they paralyze themselves and put their own people in harm's way. Well this weapon works and it can fit into your use of force policy.This weapon is completely capable of taking someone down without injuring them and causing a lawsuit and has a great course to back it up that takes less than 2 hours to become proficient in.

For women's self defense this is a great weapon as well. Because of it's design it is not only a pain compliance tool but also a force multiplier. Some models are small enough to put on a keychain and work just as well as the bigger ones. This weapon is the best thing you could carry for close attacks. Let's look at some of the other things that are out there.

There are alot of things out there like different types of pepper spray and TASER and those things are great that's why we sell them on the site. However, they are designed to be used at a distance. What do you do if the attacker is already on you and you don't have the time to take something out of your purse of fiddle it out of your pocket. This device attaches to you with what is basically a breakaway lanyard. If you can put your hand on it then it's ready to go. So it isn't something that you have to try and get out of a holster with fine motor skills under stress. This is designed for close quarter altercations. This tool can also be attached to you in various ways so that it can easily go unnoticed. It can be carried many places other tools designed for self defense just can't go.

In this course you will learn the core principles to become proficient in the use of the defender tool against many varied attacks. We can also do training in car defense and groundfighting with this weapon. We are sure that once you know how to use this weapon the possiblilities will be endless for you. It's just that versatile.
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